Bro Asks Girls On Tinder For Predictions Of All 30 NBA Teams

Every asshole with a Twitter feed has an opinion on sports. But what about on a medium like Tinder where you get to intimately chat with a stranger about… Whatever? Tumblr Bro @World_Wide_Wob decided it’d be fun to hit up thirsty girls on Tinder and ask them about how they think NBA teams will do this season. He ended up getting really into it, getting 2014-2015 NBA season predictions for all 30 NBA franchises with a little work. He also had some pretty spectacular misses.

The real question: Did he get laid? Seems like he had a couple of layups with the chicks who knew what they were talking about.





Check out all of the responses over on his Tumblr… 

[H/T: Daily Dot/Bleacher Report]

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