TNT Unveils New On-Screen Shot Clock Graphic And NBA Fans Were Like ‘Nah’

Harry How/Getty Images

Human beings have a hard time accepting change. Remember when Zuckerberg released the News Feed in like 2007 and everyone was aghast with privacy concerns, and now I don’t know how else to live without checking up on my ex’s relationship with her personal trainer.

Sports fans are even more stubborn. The NFL’s yellow first down line took some adjusting to, the skycam was initially awkward until it produced the best camera angle of all-time last week, and in-game instant replay is still raising concerns about stunting the natural flow of the game.

Last night, for the debut games of the 2019-2020 NBA season, TNT unveiled a new on-screen shot clock graphic that counts down the shot clock each possession in a small circle at the top of the key. TNT still left the clock ticker inside the scoreboard graphic on the bottom right of the screen, so fans had two ways to check on a clock that it nearly always trivial.

I think it’s a nifty advancement, aesthetically pleasing, but entirely unnecessary. I’d rather TNT put something useful in the graphic, like the shooting percentage of the player currently possessing the ball in the exact location he’s possessing it. I don’t know, that could be annoying.

What I do know is that I relish in annoyed NBA fans who I can hear through my computer saying ‘BACK IN MY DAY…’

I hope you do too.

Fast forward two years, we will not be able to watch a game without the shot clock graphic. Us humans really have no idea what we want.

[h/t Yahoo!]