L.A. Rams Running Back Todd Gurley Tells Us His Go-To Order At In-N-Out Burger

Last year Todd Gurley went 10th overall in the NFL Draft. This year, he admits that he hasn’t really followed college football and isn’t sure who the L.A. Rams are going to take. “I don’t know, man. Last year, they got me,” he tells me. “A lot of people didn’t think that. So, you know, no telling. No telling who they’re going to get this year. We’ll have to see.”

Gurley is on the phone with BroBible to rep the FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Draft. This weekend FedEx will recognize the first quarterback and running back selected (…get it? the first air and ground player) and makes a donation to the American Red Cross in the cities of the teams that draft the first running back and quarter back. Gurley was a recipient of the award last year, along with Jameis Winston.

Here’s what Todd told us yesterday, including his go-to order at In-N-Out Burger now that the Rams are in L.A.

What is your number one piece of advice for all rookies entering the league this weekend?

Just enjoy the process. Once you get picked by a team, it starts a whole new goal and a whole new mindset. It’s time to get ready. Get ready to prove everybody right, or prove everybody wrong about you how you work. So just come in and work hard. Just play football as hard as you can.

Can you tell us a little bit about what rehabbing the ACL was like? You know, emotionally and physically? 

It was kind of difficult just having to deal with it everyday. The whole time I’m just trying to get back to playing football and just be that regular player. It was tough, but having support from trainers, my family, and people that I know helped. But it was all about just having that motivation to want to get back and be able to get back on the field.

So was there one particular mentor who drove you to persevere?

My therapist and the trainers down at the Andrews Institute. They definitely used to always push me, and motivate me. Man, just having those guys around. Just seeing those guys get ready for the combine really kind of motivated me just to know that I’ll be back—back and running.

The Rams have the big move to L.A. this year. Have you settled down out there yet? Ready to put down roots in the City of Angels?

I mean, right now, we’re just, you know, doing our season work out, just kind of enjoying it. Our facility is pretty far away from L.A. So, you know, when that comes, it comes. Right now, just focus on football.

How many times have you hit up In-N-Out?

Oh yeah. Just had In-N-Out last night.

Do you go Animal style with your burgers?

Gotta go animal style.


Try to stay out of there, but it’s pretty hard.

What about when you look back at UGA? Any big expectations for your alma mater this year? Think they’re going to do anything big?

Man, we’re going to have to find out. Still up in the air with the quarterback situation. But, I think we’ll be pretty fine. You know, definitely at least nine wins. Definitely at least nine. We just have to get to about eleven.

Who on the Rams are you closest with? Like, who are your best boys?

I’m pretty cool with everybody on the team, honestly. I’m tight with Will Hayes, Ed Patterson, and, you know, obviously all the running backs. But I’m pretty cool with everybody on the team.

Nice. How do you guys bro out?

Oh man, we just chill. Just chill. Like right now, everybody just been hanging out watching some good old NBA basketball, and just enjoying each other.

Who do you have going to the Finals? Think Golden State can do it with Curry out?

Man, that’s going to be tough. I mean, they they definitely can. But, you know, Curry just secures them automatically.

Anyone else you like going deep?

I mean, it’s playoff time, man, so you can’t count anybody out. LeBron and Westbrook are going to take care of business. And the Spurs, man, you can never count them out.