Tom Brady Claps Back At People Who Think The Patriots Get Special Treatment By Referees After Questionable Final Play

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For nearly two decades, Tom Brady has been forced to absorb the narrative that his team and the guys in stripes are working in tandem to ensure New England says atop the throne. No number of rings will ever dull the roar of swaths of mouth-breathers kicking and screaming about deflated footballs or Spygate or french kissing his young son (I surrender, this is a valid criticism).

Cowboys fans were given some gas to fuel this narrative after the refs called two questionable tripping penalties on Cowboys offensive linemen in a Patriots 13-9 win Sunday, marking just the eighth and ninth times tripping has been called across the NFL all season.

Cowboys players were irate after the game.

Tom Brady had a bone to pick with the referees himself after the Patriots QB took a 4th-down snap from Dallas’ 15-yard line with five seconds remaining in the game and tossed it high in the air to run out the clock. For some reason, the refs put one second back on the clock for the Cowboys offense to take one last stab.

Speaking with reporters after the game, an agitated Brady attempted to remind the public that they too are a victim of the NFL’s piss poor officiating.

“It was still up in the air when they stopped the clock,” Brady told reporters. “So I don’t know. Everyone who says Patriots get the advantages. I don’t know about that.”

Unfortunately for Brady, the narrative on NFL Twitter remains undeterred.

When you’re the top dog, everyone wants to put you in the pound.

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