Tom Brady Says His Contract ‘Is Not My Concern At This Point,’ Also Doesn’t Sound Like A Guy Thinking Of Retiring

Tom Brady contract

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Nobody knows what the future holds for Tom Brady. While most would agree that it would be a huge surprise to see him call it quits this offseason, especially after how the loss to the Titans during Wild Card weekend ended, he’s yet to make a decision on where or even if he’ll be playing football next season.

And hey, that’s totally fine. The G.O.A.T. has no reason or pressure to come up with a decision a week removed from the action. But, since he’s now a free-agent, rumors and speculation will be at an all-time high until something official happens.

Brady offered some insight into what he’s been up to since the loss to Tennessee during his weekly radio hit with Jim Gray on Westwood One, which gives us an opportunity to read between the lines a bit.

While Brady made a strong statement that he hasn’t given contract negotiations any thought by explaining that “these things haven’t even started to pick up, it’s really not my concern at this point,” he also offered up another quote that certainly makes it sound like he’ll be playing football next season.

Brady, who will be 43-year-old when the 2020 NFL season begins, sounds like he’s still motivated to prove both the doubters and Father Time wrong.

“It’s always been proving it to myself and being motivated internally to push myself to the limits. Sometimes the limits push back, I’ve experienced that. But I also think that I’m inspired by so many people who have pushed the limits. I watch a lot of movies.

I love watching documentaries of incredible human feats and they’re inspiring when people climb these mountains and do things that people never thought was possible. I’m at a certain point in my career where people think that what I’m doing is to a degree impossible. For me, it’s about continuing to prove to myself that I can lay it all on the line and we can still try to achieve the ultimate goal, which is winning Super Bowls.”

Again, it’s reading between the lines and speculating here, but that sounds like a guy that wants to give it at least one more go and continue to push his own limits against the ‘impossible’ that he describes.

Remember, New England can not franchise tag Brady meaning that if there is no new contract in place come March he is free to sign with any team in the NFL.

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