Tom Brady Didn’t Visit The White House With The Patriots. Does He Hate America?


David Butler II/USA Today

The New England Patriots have a name that suggests they are a patriotic bunch. At least I think they do. I’m not a licensed etymologist.

But what does it say about the state of America when the face, nay, the very heart and soul of the supposedly proud American football team skipped today’s visit to the White House?

That’s right. Tom Brady did not make the trip to our nation’s capital to be lauded by President Barack Obama on this winter’s Super Bowl win.

The team spokesman told Around The NFL that Brady had a “family commitment” and was unable to make it.

This would have been Brady’s fourth visit to the White House, making him the team’s veteran correspondent alongside Bill Belichick. Though he missed his first chance to visit as a Super Bowl champion under Barack Obama’s administration.

Oh, I’m sorry. Is family suddenly more important than a fourth visit to give a president a stupid customized jersey? When did that happen?

Making matters even worse is the fact Brady plans to attend May 2nds Manny Pacquaio-Floyd Mayweather fight.

C’mon, dude. Let’s get those priorities in order.

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