Fuel Has Been Added To The Fire That Is Speculation Tom Brady Could Play For Dolphins Next Season

Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Earlier this week, Rich Eisen set the NFL world alight when he shared a rumor that he heard while attending the NFL Combine: that Tom Brady may unretire and play for the Miami Dolphins next season.

On his radio show earlier this week, the plugged-in Eisen said that the 45-year-old Brady “may not be done after all” and that “the one place that folks are saying keep an eye out for is Miami.”

This, of course, shouldn’t be all that surprising, as all reports seem to indicate that Brady tried to engineer a move to the Dolphins prior to the start of the 2022 season only to have those plans blown up by Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the team.

Eisen, however, apparently isn’t the only NFL insider hearing that Brady-to-the-Dolphins could really happen, as New England Patriots broadcaster Scott Zolak also said that the shock move is “in play.”

“Brady may go to Miami. I think that’s in play. I do. I think the possibility of him coming out of retirement is definitely 100 percent in play. You can sit there and look at the kitten tweet from yesterday. Don’t buy that,” Zolak said on NBC Sports Boston.

The “kitten tweet” he’s talking about saw Tom Brady quote tweet BroBible’s very own Dov Kleiman to claim he can’t unretire because he recently adopted a kitten.

“This isn’t me saying it. This isn’t someone close to Brady. It started with Rich Eisen. Eisen’s at the Super Bowl. Multiple people dropped the hints. Colin Cowherd, he knows some Fox people. I don’t think he’s gonna call games,” Zolak said.

“How does that deal get done? How do you sign a guy to that $375 million, 10-year contract to call games, he’s not even gonna do it next year. I know his handlers have moved to Miami. It’s built for him. He’s looking at private schools for his kids. Cowherd talks about the San Francisco offense. He’s not talking about San Francisco. He’s talking about Mike McDaniel in Miami.”

At this time, however, Brady remains publicly committed to his retirement. For now.

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