Patriots Will Reportedly Demand Tom Brady Give Them An Answer About His Future Prior To Free-Agency Starting

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Patriots will reportedly want Tom Brady to reveal his future plans prior to free agency beginning

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Tom Brady is in a pretty interesting predicament as he approaches this offseason. In any other year, a six-time Super Bowl champion would be the prized possession for any franchise, but, given the GOAT’s age (42), there are tons of question marks and speculation surrounding what might happen next for the quarterback.

Will Brady leave for greener pastures? Will he retire? Will he remain with the only franchise he’s ever known, the New England Patriots? As rumors continue to circulate on the daily, nobody knows for sure what Tom Brady’s decision will ultimately be. What we do know is that he’s stated plenty of times in the past that he’d like to play till age 45, meaning he’s hoping for at least three more NFL seasons.

As Tom Brady’s free agency and future will be the juiciest storyline of the upcoming NFL offseason, NFL insider Adam Schefter of ESPN talked about the sense of urgency that the Patriots will be approaching things. Talking on Get Up, Schefter mentioned how New England will almost demand an answer from Brady before free-agency begins, making sure they can put a plan in place should he either retire or move on.

Per Clutch Points:

“Here’s the situation: I don’t believe the New England Patriots are waiting until March 16 to get an answer from Tom Brady,” Schefter said on ESPN’s Get Up on Thursday (h/t Patriots Wire). “Last year, Rob Gronkowski wound up retiring in late March. I don’t know the conversations they did and didn’t have before, but New England missed the window on free-agent tight ends. So, I don’t think they’re going to let Tom Brady go to free agency, all of a sudden, sign with Team X, and then on March 20, say ‘Well, what do we do at quarterback now?’ That’s not the way that organization operates.”

It’s a wise strategy for the Pats, as they did get burned by their Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski last year by his surprising retirement. While there had been rumors about Gronk walking away, the Pats didn’t really have a backup plan, and it left them with a huge void on the offensive side of the ball — which was seen this season as Brady lacked playmakers.

In Tom Brady’s case, the team is doing its due diligence in order to best plan ahead — which is smart. But with the team’s owner, Robert Kraft, discussing how he’ll basically do anything to bring back his quarterback, there’s probably a lot of dialogue already going on between both sides so neither is shocked with whatever decision happens.

(H/T Clutch Points)

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