Not Even Julian Edelman Knows What Tom Brady Was Up To This Offseason Saying The QB Has Been Ghosting Him

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Tom Brady is finally back with the Bucs after taking a lengthy leave of absence over preseason camp. He disappeared for nearly two weeks with the Tampa Bay season opener right around the corner.

The veteran quarterback missed a pair of preseason games (not that he needs the practice) while giving absolutely no reasoning behind the hiatus.

Many have speculated on his whereabouts with the most popular theory being that he was auditioning for the “Masked Singer.” Brady denied those rumors, but still didn’t give a clear answer to what he’s been up to.

Even teammates called the absence weird while coaches seemed peeved by the continual questions revolving around their star passer.

Brady has obviously played this close to the vest, as not even his former teammates seem to know what was going on. Julian Edelman appeared on a recent interview with Ryen Russillo, and Brady’s name was brought up.

Julian Edelman has been ghosted by Tom Brady

Russillo asks the former wideout about the Brady Brand hat he’s sporting as the two were chatting. Edelman says that he thought he’d give his old teammate a free promo before going on to say that Brady has ghosted him of late.

Russillo says, “I see you’ve got the Brady hat on. Is there a discount code that you can share with us for that, or is that just friends and family?”

Edelman gave the following response.

“I don’t have a promo code. Hopefully he does hear this because he hasn’t returned my text messages in a while and I’m giving him free publicity. That’s why I did it… I hear you to a top-five poddy in the sports world. This is going to get some unearned media… I said, ‘Tom, why don’t I throw you in there, too, dude?’ Call me back.”

Edelman jokes, but it just adds to the mystery of where Brady has been these last couple of weeks. The quarterback did respond to the shoutout after it was posted, though he still left Edelman out of his reply.

Absolutely brutal. Definitely have to feel for the continued disrespect from his former teammate, and we’re still no closer to finding out where Brady has been.

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