Tom Brady’s Unusual Secret Weapon In Freezing Cold Games Has Been Passed Down To Mac Jones

Tom Brady's Unusual Secret Weapon In Freezing Cold Games Has Been Passed Down To Mac Jones

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  • Mac Jones only threw 3 passes in the Patriots’ win against the Buffalo Bills in 50 MPH winds and frigid temperatures so he wasn’t moving around a ton to stay warm
  • Despite not being very active, Mac Jones had a secret weapon for staying warm that he’d learned from Brian Hoyer who learned it from the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady
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The NFL world is now several days removed from the New England Patriots beating the Buffalo Bills in historic fashion on Monday Night Football.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick all but sealed up the NFL’s Coach of the Year award by winning a game where Pats QB Mac Jones only threw 3 passes, a franchise low for the Patriots and the fewest by any NFL team in a win in 40 years.

I didn’t catch this tweet from former Patriots player Rich Hornberger until I saw it shared on Instagram via ‘kookoftheday’, an account dedicated to making jokes about kooks and people who take surfing way too seriously. But Mac Jones was wearing an actual SCUBA wetsuit underneath his uniform on Monday Night Football against the Bills to stay warm in the blizzard conditions.

As it turns out, Mac Jones learned this trick from Brian Hoyer who learned this trick from Tom Brady. The G.O.A.T. used to swear a SCUBA suit when he played for the Patriots, something that a lot of NFL fans have never heard about until now.

Here’s the timeline throughout the years (in reverse order).

Here is Tom Brady wearing a SCUBA suit while playing for the Patriots on January 14, 2018 in a game against the Tennessee Titans, a 35-14 win (in Foxborough):

Here’s the SCUBA suit Tom Brady wore on December 31st, 2017. The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets in this game 26-6 in Foxborough:

This might be something that was common knowledge for diehard Patriots fans but I polled all of the NFL writers here at BroBible and nobody knew about Tom Brady’s history of wearing SCUBA suits in NFL games.

So for anyone out there reading this who is like “duh, we knew this” the reality is most NFL fans had no idea. Here’s what was going on with the fan discussion on Twitter.

NFL Fans React To Tom Brady and Mac Jones Wearing Wetsuits

It’s weird to think that Canadians had any access at all to SCUBA wetsuits back in the day before Amazon and online shopping.

So who did TB12 really get the idea from???

Valid point:

My first question was if it would mess with the throwing motion but Mac Jones only attempted three passes in the game. Furthermore, it might actually provide some spring in the throwing motion once a QB got used to it.

With all of these conflicting reports on where Tom Brady originally learned this trick from I can’t help but wonder if it’s something that’s been going on for generations and it just never gets talked about.