He’s Just Like Us: Tom Brady Flipped The Bird To A NYC Taxi Driver!

by 3 years ago
tom brady broncos nuts face

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, clad in his signature TB12 hat, was spotted giving the middle finger to a cab driver in New York City on Monday night.

Now there are numerous things that could’ve caused Touchdown Tommy to do such a thing. But I’m guessing either the cabbie refused to carry him out of the cab and deliver him into the hands of his doorman, or the cabbie talked a little shit, saying Peyton Manning did it better and that Tommy absolutely blew it in Denver.

I pray it’s Option A.

But damn, this is one firm, very emphatic fuck you. This is not an impromptu fuck you. This is definitely a “I cannot WAIT to say fuck you.”

The real hope here is that we later learn Tommy and Gisele got into an argument, he hopped out of the cab, and it was her that Brady delivered the bird to. Dare to dream.


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