Tom Brady Tried So Hard To Troll Ohio State, But He Failed Miserably

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Somehow, Tom Brady has never faced an Ohio State quarterback in the NFL. That will change this weekend.

Justin Fields, the No. 11 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, will be the first Buckeyes quarterback to start across from Brady when the Bears travel to Tampa Bay on Sunday. Brady, of course, is a Michigan alum.

When TB12 was asked about about his first career start against an Ohio State quarterback on Thursday, he decided to talk some smack against his college rivals:

However, his jab doesn’t carry much water and is actually a huge fail when you look at recent history. He said:

“Why is there not a lot of Ohio State quarterbacks in the pros? Lot of Michigan guys over here. Not a lot of Ohio State guys.”

Well, let’s take a look:

Brady began his college career with the Wolverines in 1996. Since then, neither team has had any quarterbacks find resounding success in the NFL.

Michigan QBs since ’96:

  • Tom Brady:
    • The GOAT.
  • ***Brian Griese:
    • 10-year NFL career, Super Bowl Champion, Pro Bowler.
  • Drew Henson:
    • Nine NFL games played, one touchdown, one interception.
  • John Navarre:
    • Two seasons played with Arizona Cardinals, two touchdowns, five interceptions.
  • Chad Henne:
    • Currently in his 14th year in the NFL, but has never had a winning season as a starter or in a backup role, and has thrown three more interceptions than touchdowns.
  • Nick Sheridan:
    • Current offensive coordinator at Indiana University, never played in the NFL.
  • Denard Robinson:
    • Moved to running back on the NFL level and played three years with the Jaguars.
  • Devin Gardner:
    • Spent one year on an NFL practice squad, played two years in Japan, played one year in the CFL.
  • Wilton Speight:
    • Transferred to UCLA, did not make an NFL roster or practice squad.
  • Jake Rudock:
    • Spent four years in the NFL, attempted five passes, threw one interception.
  • Brandon Peters:
    • Transferred to Illinois.
  • Shea Patterson:
    • LOL.

***Griese came before Brady.

Ohio State QBs since ’96:

  • Justin Fields:
    • Starting for the Chicago Bears as a rookie.
  • Joe Germaine:
    • Spent five years as a backup in the NFL, threw one touchdown and two interceptions.
  • Steve Bellisari:
    • Converted to safety for one season on the practice squad in the NFL.
  • Craig Krenzel:
    • Played two years in the NFL, threw three touchdowns and six interceptions.
  • Troy Smith:
    • Played three years in the NFL, threw eight touchdowns and five interceptions.
  • Todd Boeckman:
    • Did not make an NFL roster.
  • Terrelle Pryor:
    • Spent nine years on and off of active NFL rosters, was eventually converted to wide receiver, threw nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions, caught seven touchdown passes.
  • Braxton Miller:
    • Spent two years in the NFL, two years on the practice squad.
  • Cardale Jones:
    • Played three years in the NFL, attempted 11 passes, threw one interception.
  • J.T. Barrett:
    • Spent three years on and off of NFL practice squads.

What does it mean?

All of this goes to say that Brady’s trash talk is a total flop. The 44-year-old tried to bag on Ohio State quarterbacks’ lack of success in the NFL, suggesting that quite a a few Michigan quarterbacks remain in the pros.

Meanwhile, the only two quarterbacks remaining in the NFL from the Wolverines are Brady and Henne. That is one more quarterback in the NFL than those from Michigan— and that one is Chad Henne, who has gone 18-36 in his career.

Sure, Brian Griese got a ring in his day, but he won that Super Bowl before Brady had even graduated college. After him, and outside of Henne and Brady, Michigan quarterbacks have not had success on the next level.

So while Brady’s remarks were intended as a fun troll attempt toward his college rival, it was a complete flop.