Tom Brady Continues To Own NFL ‘Age Gap’ Records Like Aaron Rodgers Owns The Bears

Tom Brady NFL age gap record again

Getty Image / Tim Nwachukwu

  • Tom Brady continues to break NFL records week after week and one of those records he’s constantly breaking these days is ‘largest age gap’ between starting QBs
  • Tom’s no stranger to this record and has broken it multiples times in past seasons and as recently as just a few weeks ago, but he’ll break it again this weekend
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Every time Tom Brady completes a pass he breaks an NFL record. That’s been the case ever since Tom Brady passed Drew Brees for the most career passing yards in the NFL a few weeks ago. Now with every completion, he breaks his own record.

Tom also holds records for the most completions, TD passes, pro bowl selections, games started, career QB wins, QB playoffs wins, QB regular-season wins, Super Bowl MVPs, and more. He’s 44 years, 2 months, and 18 days old! Tom’s spent more time playing in the NFL than some rookies have been able to walk. He owns the NFL age gap record like Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears.

One record that Tom Brady co-owns and continues to own is the ‘largest age gap between two starting quarterbacks’. He broke that record three or so years ago against Marcus Mariota. Then he broke his own record two years ago while playing against Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes. And now he’ll break it again when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the Chicago Bears and Justin Fields.

Here’s a brief history of Tom Brady breaking his own ‘age gap’ record.




Just a few weeks ago:

And now, Tom Brady will face Justin Fields and break his own record once again. Fields is 22 years old and Brady is 44.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady are 12.5-point favorites against the Chicago Bears and expected to completely blow the Bears out. As a born-and-raised Bucs fan, I take this to mean it’s a trap game and the Bucs will win a close one this weekend.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Tom Brady will extend his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and play in the NFL again next season. He will break this record again. Possibly again after that. And maybe even once more. Tom Brady is timeless, he is inevitable.