Tom Brady’s ‘That Was F’ing Awesome’ Reaction To Comeback Win Becomes A Meme

It didn’t take long for Tom Brady’s postgame comments to become a meme.

On Sunday, Brady led the Bucs on a 60-yard game-winning drive with 44 seconds left to go in the game and no timeouts.

During his postgame press conference, a hyped-up Brady blurted out, “that was f’ing awesome.”

NFL fans immediately made a meme out of Brady’s postgame reaction.

“Me after seeing Top Gun: Maverick”

“Me after seeing The Godfather: Part II for the first time”

“Me after watching the Tavon Austin West Virginia mixtape for the 264th time”

“Everyone after watching the 2006 Rose Bowl between Texas and USC 🌹”

“Me every time I leave Animal Kingdom”

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