Tom Brady’s ‘Thank You’ For Being Ranked #1 In ‘NFL Top 100’ Is Why He’s The GOAT

Tom Brady's 'Thank You' For Being Ranked #1 In 'NFL Top 100' Is Why He's The GOAT

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Tom Brady is G.O.A.T., the Greatest of All-Time. This isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s a fact and he’s got more championships than any NFL player in history to back up his title.

But part of being the GOAT is learning how to handle the fame and success with aplomb, something Tom’s mastered throughout the years. And after being named #1 by his peers in this year’s NFL Top 100 voting, Tom Brady showed once again that he’s the GOAT on and off the field.

Tom Brady Thanks Everyone For Being Ranked #1 In ‘NFL Top 100’

The Bucs loved his tweet:

After re-reading Tom’s thank you to everyone in his life, I simply cannot imagine how expensive it is to be Tom Brady. The phrase ‘it takes a village’ applies to his life in ways that I couldn’t even begin to understand.

Every aspect of his life, from his business to social media presence to training to diet to personal life, every dimension has teams of people supporting him in his

The NFL Top 100 Voting

The NFL Top 100 voting is done annually by the NFL players themselves. Unlike MVP and other awards, it is Tom Brady and his peers who are voting for one another. The actual players in the trenches week in and week out are the ones who believe Tom is the #1 player in the NFL.

This year’s top 10 looked like this:

10. Jason Kelce
9. Jalen Ramsey
8. Patrick Mahomes
7. Davante Adams
6. T.J. Watt
5. Jonathan Taylor
4. Cooper Kupp
3. Aaron Rodgers
2. Aaron Donald
1. Tom Brady

This is the fourth time since this list came to exist in 2011 that Tom Brady has been ranked #1 overall by his peers. One can’t help but think there’s some connection to Tom losing out on MVP last season to Aaron Rodgers and then his peers naming him #1 overall this season.

The highest Tom has ever appeared on the list is #14 in 2020. He then went on to win a Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after that….

Let’s also let this serve as a reminder that Brady once deferred TO ME as being the Tom Brady of parenting:

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