Tom Brady Reportedly Bans Jokes About One Sensitive Topic At Upcoming Comedy Roast

Tom Brady playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Last month, Tom Brady’s legendary NFL career seemingly came to a permanent end after the quarterback announced his decision to retire from football after wrapping up his 23rd season at the age of 45.

It didn’t take long for people to speculate he could have second thoughts yet again after prematurely opting to hang up his cleats in 2022, but the QB seems to be pretty content with his current situation.

We got a glimpse at Brady’s post-retirement plans last year when Fox signed him to a monster broadcasting deal he had the luxury of falling back on whenever he determined it was time to bring his playing days to an end, but that’s not the only venture he’s been interested in exploring now that he has a bit more free time on his hands.

Last month, a report surfaced that suggested Brady was interested in scratching his stand-up itch, and while it seems like that rumor has been debunked, the QB has apparently teamed up with Netflix for a comedy project that’s been dubbed The Greatest Roast of All Time.

Brady will likely be letting the professionals do the bulk of the heavy lifting at his expense during the roast, but based on a new report, there will be one topic they’re not allowed to touch during the special.

Radar Online spoke with an unnamed source who claims the G.O.A.T. has issued a somewhat understandable demand, saying:

“Tom is fine being the butt of jokes. Say whatever you want about him—but not about his family It’s the one rule that’s nonnegotiable.”

Now, you could argue Gisele Bundchen technically no longer falls under the “family” umbrella when you consider Brady and his former wife agreed to get divorced last year.

However, the outlet suggests the ban on that particular type of joke still extends to the supermodel who was recently romantically linked to one of Brady’s billionaire friends.

With that said, if you’re familiar with some of the QB’s many interesting quirks, there’s little doubt the comics who take part in the roast will still have plenty of material to work with.

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