Tom Brady’s Resume Before Getting Drafted Shows A Man With A Plan

tom brady resume


Tom Brady, rightfully so, being a sixth round draft pick, wasn’t always so sure of his future as an NFL quarterback, so just like any soon-to-be college grad he had his resume all polished and ready to go, just in case.

As you can see from this shot of Tom’s CV, discovered by The Big Lead on Brady’s Facebook page, Thomas E. Brady, Jr. had some killer experience working at Merrill Lynch and what I am sure were many very hard-earned hours at a golf course and polo club.

Looks like it was a good thing Bill Belichick saw something that no one else did when that sixth round rolled around in the 2000 NFL Draft. Can you imagine Tom Brady giving you financial advice?

tom brady resume pic

Tom Brady, Facebook

Tom Brady image by AddyTsl/Shutterstock

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