A Fed Up Tom Brady Says He Turned Off ‘Thursday Night Football’ Game Because Of ‘Ridiculous Penalties’ Being Called, Gets Instantly Mocked By Twitter

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NFL fans have been complaining about all the absurd penalties that have been called in the first two weeks of the season and it seems like Tom Brady is fed up by them as well.

In the second quarter of tonight’s Titans-Jags, Titans linebacker Kamalei Correa was flagged for a questionable roughing the passer penalty.

Fans were irate with the call.

Tom Brady also chimed in and said he couldn’t watch the game because of all the “ridiculous” penalties being called.

Patriots haters, of course, found Brady’s tweet ironic considering he’s benefitted from questionable roughing the passer penalties in the past.

Let’s also remember that refs have been looking out for Brady this season too.

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