Tom Brady Screaming While Riding The Tower Of Terror Produced So Many Memes

tom brady wearing bucs cap - tower of terror tweet memes

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In case you haven’t seen it yet, in the grand tradition of Tom Brady going down a water-slide and dancing at Carnival, TB12 went on the Tower of Terror at Disney over the weekend and it was captured in glorious fashion.

This time, however, unlike those other two instances, Tom Brady himself shared the image with the internet in a tweet.

“Tower of Terror is mad chill dad,” Brady wrote, referring to his daughter who was also along for the ride.

Touchdown Tommy also shared some other pics and videos from his trip over on Instagram, captioning them, “The happiest place on earth (until you realize your kids were lying about tower of terror being ‘mad chill’).”

(No idea what’s happening in the last clip.)

Naturally, much like the water-slide and dancing at Carnival situations, this Tom Brady moment was once again turned into numerous dank memes.

“Brady’s sweater tied like that is one of my millon [sic] favorite things about this tweet,” someone else commented.

“I am a bigger fan of yours now that I have seen your use of an I Think You Should Leave image,” another person tweeted. “It’s just a fact.”

Speaking of the Tom Brady fam, TB12 recently spoke to People magazine recently and revealed that his sons Benjamin and Jack, and daughter Vivian enjoy “a lot of piano and a lot of singing.”

“Although I would definitely say I’m not musically inclined at all, my kids are, which I love,” Brady explained. “I love all the different arts for sure, I’m just not great at many of them.”

Tom added, “It’s interesting, my son plays by ear too. He doesn’t like looking at notes, so he hears something and tries to play it. He’s very talented. It’s really fun for me to see.”

“And I think so much of what these kids do is they bring out parts of us that we don’t even know. You think, ‘God, what are we here to teach our kids in the end? What are they here to teach us?’ And bring out parts of us that we just have not been exposed to. So seeing them exposed to these things makes me enjoy it more.”

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