Tom Brady Makes True On His Promise To Send Superfan Joe Mixon A Signed Jersey, Even Added A Personal Note

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Christmas shopping for Joe Mixon will be a cinch this year seeing as the Bengals running back has just received everything he’s ever wanted.

You may remember Mixon fangirling hard for Brady after the Bengals 34-13 loss Sunday, revealing on Twitter that he was elated just to shake the legendary quarterback’s hand, but was “too scared to ask” Brady for his jersey.

Brady responded and promised to send a jersey Mixon’s way, but it sounds like the mere fact that Brady even responded would have sufficed.

Mr. Brady made true on his promise and in the time it takes to say ‘Two Day Shipping,’ an authentic signed Tom Brady jersey appeared at Mixon’s locker.

Brady’s note on the jersey reads: “JOE, A GREAT PLAYER! KEEP GOING! BAY AREA’S BEST!”

Context for the ‘Bay Area’s Best’ comment: Mixon was born in San Francisco and attended high school in nearby Oakley where he blossomed into a five-star recruit and the top-ranked running back in the nation by the

Brady, of course, was born in San Mateo and played high school ball in Jupiter where he began his football career as the backup quarterback on an 0-8 junior varsity team.

It’s trippy how life goes.

P.S. If any of Mixon’s relative’s need last-minute Christmas gift ideas, Amazon has some reasonable jersey frame display cases.

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