Our National Nightmare Is Over: Tom Brady’s ‘Stolen’ Super Bowl Game Jersey Has Been Found [UPDATED]


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After Super Bowl LI had concluded Tom Brady was on a frantic search for his game jersey in the locker room because he thought someone stole it.

Via USA Today

Brady looked flustered as he searched his locker area at NRG Stadium but was unable to locate the game-worn jersey that he donned in leading the Patriots to a 34-28 overtime victory.

“It was right here. I know exactly where I put it,” Brady said as he called the security staff and team equipment managers to assist in the search.

Backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo told other players to look for the jersey, but the longer he searched, the more Brady seemed to grow concerned it had been stolen.

“This is not good,” he said. “It was right here and now I don’t have it. Not good.”

While walking out of the stadium, Brady was asked by USA TODAY Sports if he had managed to locate the jersey during his extensive search.

“No,” he replied. “It is going to be on eBay soon, I guess.”

Even while walking out of the stadium Brady still hadn’t located his jersey, telling USA Today when asked if he’d found it, “No. It is going to be on eBay soon, I guess.”

Brady also mentioned during an interview with WEEI that his jersey was also stolen after the Super Bowl two years ago.

Well, fret not Pats fans, the historic jersey has been located.

According to NESN, Tom Leyden of FOX25 discovered that the jersey had been snagged by a Patriots equipment manager who put it away in a safe place.

UPDATE: According to NESN

Despite an early morning report from FOX25 that a Patriots equipment manager secured Tom Brady’s Super Bowl-worn jersey, the New England Patriots quarterback said at a press conference Monday that he believes his jersey is still missing.

Sigh… maybe he just hadn’t heard about the equipment manager. Brady’s not exactly caught up on his world news these days.

UPDATE #2!!! Now the Texas Rangers are getting involved. As in the law enforcement types, not the baseball players.

Of course the internet had to have a little fun with this situation…

People are so savage.