The Tom Brady To The Titans Rumor Started Because A Student Misidentified A Tall Blond For Gisele Bundchen At His All-Boys School

tom brady titans rumor

Getty Image / Taylor Hill

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding Tom Brady and his future, not only since the Patriots season ended but all throughout the year. The most recent report indicates that the Patriots would be willing to pay him $30 million per year to have him return to New England. Prior to that, however, there were rumors that Brady and his family were spotted in Nashville looking at schools.

As you can imagine, the media jumped on the rumor and put two and two together speculating that if the Brady’s are looking at schools then perhaps Brady is considering playing for the Titans.

Well, it turns out the rumor was completely bogus.

A student at Montgomery Bell Academy, an all-boys school in Nashville, is who sparked the rumor. Per the New York Post, the student was denied a meeting with a staffer at the school because they were meeting with a ‘hall of famer.’ Then, the student saw a tall blond woman taking a tour of the school and thought it was Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen.

It was not.

According to Nashville attorney Blair Dunham, whose son attends the school, the rumor began when another student was told he couldn’t meet with the admissions director because the director was meeting with a “Hall of Famer” (the 42-year-old Brady is a future Hall of Famer).

A tall blond woman was then seen touring the school, and the students immediately assumed it was Bündchen, who has blond hair and is 5 feet 11, Dunham said on “The George Plaster Show.”

The woman instead was Landyn Hutchinson, the wife of former Titans offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson, who was elected to the Hall of Fame last week.

Hats off to the kid for rolling with all of this. I mean, he thought he had seen a supermodel in the hallway and ran with it, he was wrong, but that’s a move for sure. Then again, he probably went from school royalty for that day and today he’s probably sitting in a science class getting called out for not accurately recognizing Gisele Bundchen.

Talk about a high school story, just waves of national media writing stories about Brady to the Titans because a blond woman was actually seen roaming the halls of the all-boys school.

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