Tom Coughlin Suffers Fractured Ribs And A Punctured Lung In Scary Cycling Accident

tom coughlin biclye accident

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Two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach Tom Coughlin suffered some rather serious injuries in a bicycle accident this past weekend in Jacksonville. According to ESPN, Coughlin slightly punctured a lung, needed stitches in his head, and fractured four ribs that resulted in an overnight stay in the hospital.

Another man on a racing bike, in the words of Coughlin, “comes out of nowhere and clips the front of my bike.” Coughlin, who was Jacksonville’s first head coach and general manager, said he thought he was aware of his surroundings, until being blindsided.

The 73-year-old tried to downplay his injuries and the accident by actually going home before his family convinced him to go to the emergency room. He underwent some X-rays and a CT scan before doctors told him that he is looking at a four to six-week recovery, according to the report.

Going home and not immediately going to the hospital after puncturing a lung, fracturing four ribs, and cutting your head open is the definition of a football guy move. Hell, I hope I can still ride a bike at the age of 73-years-old. Good for him for getting out there and putting in some miles, it’s not his fault some other cyclist cut him off and clipped the front of his bike.

Here’s to hoping Coughling’s recovery goes smoothly.