Tom Coughlin’s Final Message To A Tearful Eli Manning Was Beautiful, And It’s OK To Get Choked Up

Eli Manning crying Tom Coughlin press conference


Tom Coughlin bid farewell to the New York Giants organization today after 12 years and two Super Bowls wins, and did so in a manner we’ve all come to know and expect.

Tom Coughlin is a man who never minces words. He says how he feels, holds himself accountable, and always does so like a masterful professional. In short, he’s never going to bullshit anyone. And when it came to addressing Eli Manning this afternoon, things got understandably emotional, as he spoke from the heart with true sincerity.

This didn’t really feel like a coach talking to his quarterback. It felt a lot more like a proud father speaking to his son. And it was freakin’ magical.

You can mock Eli all you want for his awkward faces and generally goofy persona — as I do quite often — but you can’t sit there and tell me you didn’t get the chills or maybe even a little choked up watching Coughlin talk about his quarterback, who was doing his very best to fight back tears.

This is one of those rare, completely genuine moments that does one hell of a job in reminding us all why we love sports so god damn much.

[H/T @TheClemReport]

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