The Toronto Raptors Are Hosting ‘Drake Day’ Today And Silly Canadians Are Hotline Blinging Their Asses Off



For as much shit as rapper Drake gets about being the biggest bandwagon fan outside maybe Justin Bieber, the Toronto Raptors are the one team that will always be dear to his heart, as the guy hails from Toronto and is often seen courtside during Raps games.

Helping the team launch a few different things over the years, the best NBA team that no one gives a shit about is honoring Drake today with “Drake Day,” which is a chance for other silly Canadians to gush about the rapper—and, yes, there’s a Hotline Bling booth for people to reenact the video in at the team’s arena, the Air Canada Centre. you know jack shit about Canada like I do, the old dude doing hardcore dad dancing in that video is Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly, who, along with other Raps fans, was willing to embarrass himself because Drake is like a fucking god in the city of Toronto and everyone in the city wants to be him.


The team’s also releasing “Drake Night” shirts and sweatbands but, for some reason, that puffy pink jacket that the Champagne Papi wore in the Hotline Bling vid isn’t anywhere for fans to win/buy. And without that, this night is already an epic fucking failure.



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