Take A Tour Of LeBron James’ Massive Presidential Suite In The Bubble And Apologize To Rajon Rondo

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Remember back in July when everyone defecated on Rajon Rondo for posting a photo of his perfectly good bubble hotel room that typically goes for $450 per night and whining about it exuding “Motel 6” vibes?

We owe him an apology.

This life is all relative and after taking a tour of LeBron James’ presidential suite in the bubble, Rajon Rondo has every right to complain about his glorified closet.

No baby grand piano in sight, what a poor!

Keep in mind that the day LeBron left for his Walt Disney World palace, he compared it to a prison sentence.

Also keep in mind that being the face of the NBA for 17 years and making the business billions of dollars without ever being forced to retire due to a gambling problem does (and should) have its added perks.

Let’s check in on Jared Dudley’s coveted Asbestos Suite.

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“Mr. Dudley, it appears you charged two adult films to your room during the hours of 2 am to 3 am.”

“Impossible, my room doesn’t have a television.”