Former No. 1 Recruit Travis Hunter Clowns Nick Saban For Alleging He Received $1 Million In NIL

Travis Hunter Clowns Nick Saban Over $1 Million NIL Deal Accusation

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  • Alabama head coach Nick Saban went off about NIL on Wednesday and called out Jackson State.
  • After being accused of accepting a $1 million deal to play for the Tigers, Travis Hunter put Saban in his place.
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Nick Saban let loose on Wednesday evening. After speaking out against the current climate of NIL and recruiting in the past, he went full scorched-earth with a nearly seven-minute rant in which he called out multiple NCAA programs for their practices.

In doing so, Saban claimed that Texas A&M bought every single one of its Class of 2022 recruits, called out Miami for John Ruiz’s bankroll and took a shot at Jackson State and Deion Sanders. He also said that Alabama did not buy a single player, which immediately led to him being exposed as a liar.

During the rant, Saban accused Jackson State of paying $1 million to a “really good Division I player.”

Most people assumed that he was referring to Travis Hunter Jr. Hunter was the No. 1 overall recruit in the Class of 2022 and was expected to decide between Florida State and Miami. About an hour before his commitment, there was a lot of buzz about Jackson State. Multiple reports claimed that there was a big NIL package attached to his decision, and ultimately, he ended up choosing the Tigers.

In response to Saban’s $1 million claim, Coach Prime called him a liar. He did not mince his words.

And then, on Thursday morning, Hunter addressed the $1 million comments, which he also took as directed toward him, and clowned on Saban. He questioned how his mom could still be living in a three-bedroom home with five children if he had been paid like Saban said.

Sanders also chimed in.

Hunter’s response is pretty telling. He makes a great point that pretty directly contradicts Saban’s claim. But there is no way of knowing the truth.