Travis Kelce And Patrick Mahomes Disagree On How Kelce Is Always Able To Get Open

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce

Getty Image / David Eulitt

As the Kansas City Chiefs head into their 3rd Super Bowl in 5 years, there is plenty of credit being given to Patrick Mahomes for the team’s success.

While he is certainly deserving of the praise he receives, there is another player who may be just as responsible for the success of the Chiefs in recent years.

Travis Kelce has established himself as the best tight end in football and over the past few years, has made it seem like there isn’t even a close second.

This year, Kelce finished the year 8th in receiving with 1338 yards. No other tight end finished in the top 25 or with 1000 receiving yards.

Today, Kelce gave his thoughts on how he has been able to get open so much. He credits Andy Reid for being able to scheme him open.

Why am I always open? I say it all the time: Andy Reid, baby. Big Red. He can dial stuff up at the right time, create some things at the right time, and then on top of that everybody’s doing their jobs. It’s not just a me go out there and get open type play. I’m sure you guys like to think that, but there’s a lot of madness to it, and there’s a lot of guys doing their jobs for the big picture. I’m fortunate that I’m playing here, for sure.

Patrick Mahomes has a different take. He believes Kelce is the sneakiest guy on the field even at 6’6″.

Whatever the reason, Kelce has had no problem getting open game after game even with opponents knowing he is the number 1 threat they need to stop.

The Kansas City Chiefs will look to keep that going on Sunday against an Eagles defense that has been very stingy this season.