Trent Richardson Can’t Hide From Life or The Week 11 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

Survivor Pick of the Week: 

TENNESSEE over Jacksonville 

It happens once a year and Sunday was that “once a year.” It being when a double-digit home favorite doesn't win and survivor pools suddenly don't have many survivors. It takes some luck, like Tennessee losing its QB to a fluke injury, but The Titans also didn't show up motivated because they knew they were playing the worst team in the league. Are you better off finding a team that would be slightly more motivated? I'd argue that a team fighting for a Wild Card playoff spot should be motivated enough. The few that still had the ability to choose Indianapolis over St. Louis ended up shit's creek without a paddle as well. At least you hadn't already spent your potential winnings on a new TV and are now forced to pick up a second job to pay for it. Oh you did? Ah shit…. 

But hey, some of you still had New Orleans to use or were ballsy enough to take a Giants team that hasn't played a good game all season. This week should be another fun one because the two biggest favorites, Seattle and Denver, have been used in most pools. The times are so tough that I really wanted to pick those worse-than-mediocre Giants against Scott Tolzein's Packers until I realized how many bad quarterbacks have beaten the Giants in New Jersey. If Craig Krenzel can do it, then maybe Tolzein can, too. I think the Saints are a much better team than the Niners, but they've probably been used already too. I also feel pretty good about Carolina handling New England, but I'd rather not go against Tom Brady. 

That leaves us with two choices. Both the choices are home teams per usual, but I'll lean on Houston since I generally stay away from divisional matchups. Oakland is banged-up with Darren McFadden still out and Terrelle Pryor nursing an MCL injury. That's kind of a big deal since half of Pryor's value comes from running and J.J. Watt will be chasing him all day long. If Pryor doesn't play because of the injury and it ends up being Matt McGloin then consider it Christmas come early.

Teams used: Indianapolis, New England, Denver, New Orleans, St. Louis, Seattle, Green Bay, San Francisco, and Dallas, Tennessee 

Thursday Night Pick: 

Indianapolis -2.5 over TENNESSEE 

Ironically, the two teams who massively disappointed in survivor last week get to face each other on short rest this week. One has to think Indianapolis won’t show up flat on consecutive weeks, while Tennessee has the problem of losing Locker for the reason and having to roll with Ryan Fitzpatrick. While Fitzpatrick is a serviceable backup QB, the wind is out of Tennessee’s sails.  They lost all three games when Fitz filled in for Locker earlier this season. 

Reggie: COLTS

Last Week: 6-8 
Season: 65-81-2 
Survivor: 8-2 
Locks: 15-16 
Reggie’s Picks: 72-74-2

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