Trevon Diggs Slander Reaches New Heights After He Gets Burnt By Chargers’ Keenan Allen In Joint Practice

Trevon Diggs Slander Reaches New Heights After He Gives Up Touchdown To Chargers' Keenan Allen

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Dallas Cowboys’ Trevon Diggs hasn’t had the easiest of starts to the NFL preseason this year. It seems as though every play the cornerback is involved in happens to go viral and it was no different on Thursday during a joint practice with the LA Chargers.

The Diggs slander reached new heights during the Cowboys’ training camp earlier this month. Unfortunately for Diggs, clips of him getting toasted by CeeDee Lamb and Simi Fehoko on back-to-back plays went viral. Fans were having a field day and it got so bad that Diggs even deleted his Twitter account.

It seems not even that has stopped fans from taking their shots at the Cowboys cornerback. On Thursday, the Chargers posted a video from joint practice and Diggs was under fire once again. The video was meant to highlight the blossoming Herbert-Allen connection, but all fans could see was Trevon Diggs giving up a touchdown.

Countless cornerbacks have struggled against Keenan Allen, but fans were expecting more out of Diggs. He never sees the ball coming and it’s not like Allen pulled some filthy move either. His attempts to block the passing lane came too late and fans jumped on the opportunity to clown him.

However, not everyone believed Diggs deserved such a hard time. Instead, they praised Herbert’s throw and Allen’s ability to conceal the pass until the last moment.

It’s only the preseason, but the Diggs slander just keeps coming. Even when it’s not his fault, fans can’t help but roast him. With the days counting down until the NFL season, it’s probably only going to get worse. At least, he’s no longer on Twitter to see it happen.