Trevor Lawrence Lookalikes Are Taking Tik Tok By Storm And He’s Enjoying It

trevor lawrence tik tok

Getty Image / Mike Comer

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has a unique look thanks to his long golden locks. With his hair and longer face it’s tough to find people that really look like him, but it turns out a few of those lookalikes are creating a bit of a meme wave on Tik Tok.

For those that don’t know what Tik Tok is, it’s a social media video app that’s somewhat similar to Vine, but a lot more strange.

Here is the video that’s gone the most viral and the likeness between Lawrence and the girl here is absolutely uncanny.

The hair color is the same, the eyes and eyebrows are pretty spot on and even their teeth are similar to one another.

Here’s another one with her in it, only this time the video shows Lawrence’s reaction.

I can’t really imagine watching someone on video that looks that much like me, but I guess when you’re one of the best quarterbacks in the nation people that look like you just come out of nowhere.

Lawrence was asked what he thought about the videos and he seems to think they’re pretty funny. I’m sure his teammates give him a lot of shtick about them, but hey, what is he going to do? He can’t cut off the hair, that’s his trademark look now.

Here are some other Lawrence lookalike clips that have added to the doppleganger wave on Tik Tok.

I tried to tell you that Tik Tok is a really strange place.