The Best Faceplant Of The Year So Far Is Also The Worst Trick Shot Of 2015

I’ll just say this upfront: I’m completely tired of seeing trick shots on the Internet. They were interesting seven years ago, now anything and everything that could be done has been done, and all of these trick shot YouTube channels are only making videos to get paid by advertisers. It’s just boring without an interesting hook.

Thankfully for us, there’s still the hook of ‘this dude busted ass and ruined the shot, repeatedly’. Because people making mistakes and hurting themselves will NEVER not be funny.

Here we’ve got a group of aspiring trick shotters trying to film the ‘clip of the century’ not realizing nobody gives a shit about their trick shots, and they’re filming it during snowpocalypse. Presumably due to the snow they’re not on their game, which is fortunate for us because it leads to a double face plant for the ages, and a clip actually worth watching:

I could watch those kids eat shit over, and over, and over…and I think I will, in GIF:

Tip of the hat to Nate Scott at For The Win for finding and sharing this video.