NBA Fans Loved Tristan Thompson’s Epic Rant About Inspiration

tristan thompson rant inspiration coaching

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  • Tristan Thompson delivered an epic rant about finding inspiration, specifically why he doesn’t need coaches to get him in the zone.
  • NBA fans loved Thompson’s honest, NSFW rant with the media.
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The Sacramento Kings have now lost five of their last six games following Wednesday night’s loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Tristan Thompson has had enough.

Thompson, who is now in his 11th NBA season, sent a stern message to his teammates with a passionate rant to the media following his team’s loss to Minnesota.

The 30-year-old big man doesn’t need a coach or anyone else to inspire him, and he wants you, me, and his teammates to know it.

“I think no man in this world should rely on another man to inspire them,” Thompson explained. “Point-blank, period. You can put that in all capitals. Me personally, no one should ever need a coach to inspire you.”

“My teammates aren’t with it, because I know guys want to win and win badly. It’s not about coach Walton inspiring you, this is not no freaking Glory Road sh-t. You gotta be ready to play,” Thompson continued. “Your number’s called, you in the damn game, I don’t need no fu–ing coach to inspire me. Never have, never will. The day I need a coach to inspire me, is the day I’m fu–ing retiring, I’m going to go play with my kids in the park. I speak for my teammates with that quote, we don’t need a coach to inspire us.”

Thompson is clearly frustrated, and while his rant may rub some people the wrong way, you have to tip your cap to him for being brutally honest in front of the mic. He may be a role player on this Sacramento team averaging under 14 minutes per game, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a leader for his team.

The majority of NBA fans out there appreciated what Thompson had to say: