Twitter User Dismantles Reggie Bush After He Complains About Getting Served Cold Food At A Restaurant

Reggie Bush

Getty Image / Jonathan Bachman

If you drafted Reggie Bush in your fantasy football league in 2016, I don’t need to remind you that he was about as valuable as a Blockbuster membership card. Or a VIP Fyre Festival ticket. Or a Brazzers password at a Mormon retreat. Should I stop? Yeah, you’re probably right.

Bush, who in December announced his retirement from the NFL, last played football with the Buffalo Bills during the 2016 season. Well, kinda. The now 33-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner finished that season with 12 carries for –3 yards and a touchdown, making him the first player in NFL history (other than quarterbacks) to carry the ball at least 10 times and have negative yardage for a season. A far cry from his 1,000 yard season with Miami in 2011.

Bush is a common citizen now and he is doing common citizen things–like taking to Twitter to bitch about trivial things like cold food in restaurants.

Restaurants serving cold food is unacceptable, if it calls for venting on Twitter is another question.

It looks like after the response he got from a random Twitter user, Bush has another problem on his hands.

RIP Reggie. You lived a good life.

Say it to his face, bro.