Two Professional Japanese Soccer Players Played Against And Beat 55 Japanese Kids For A Japanese Game Show

I have a love-hate relationship with Japanese game shows. On the one hand, they’re wildly entertaining and get away with pretty much anything. On the other, all they kind of prove to me is how much better TV is everywhere else in the world. Take this segment where two professional soccer players played against 55 kids. Would that ever happen on American TV? Of course not. American athletes don’t like their fans enough to do something cool like this.

Yes, most of the time people watch Japanese game shows to see hot chicks do sexy shit or watch men get hit in the balls by something, but this video kind of depresses me too. Imagine if we could convince American athletes to do cool things like that? I’d love to see Odell Beckham Jr. try and catch a one-handed catch while being covered by 55 kids? Obviously it would have to be full-contact. Watch OBJ knock a few kids around. You know my TiVo would be recording that shit. Plus, it’s a slippery slope. We can’t have sexy college chicks playing Twister while covered in baby oil during primetime unless people are willing to accept seeing a few athletes throw some elbows at middle-schoolers. You can’t have one without the other. And any athlete who says they wouldn’t want to see a bunch of hotties rub against each other covered in baby oil is a damn liar. Everyone loves seeing that. So take a hit, guy. Let’s get this going.