Tyrann Mathieu Defends Letting Up Instead Of Drilling Deshaun Watson Late In The Chiefs-Texans Game

Tyrann Mathieu Defends Letting Up Instead Of Hitting Deshaun Watson

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Late in the Kansas City Chiefs comeback blowout of the Houston Texans on Sunday, defensive back Tyrann Mathieu had a chance to sack Deshaun Watson with a very hard hit. Instead, he pulled up and barely touched the QB.

Much like when a baseball player bunts when his team is being no-hit, a handful of “purists” came out of the woodwork to complain that Mathieu wasn’t “paying the game the right way.”


Most (normal) people didn’t have a problem with it, but because this is the world we live in now, Mathieu felt the need to defend himself for not taking Watson’s head off with the win already in hand.

“The game was over. Yeah that’s my boy , but I’m not fake tough, I don’t have to hit you to make me feel like imma big beast. This is football, but every act isn’t violent,” he tweeted in response. “Maybe I’m built different.”

Not that his message didn’t go completely ignored by the “purists.” Because of course it did.

LOLOLOL! Tyrann Mathieu isn’t physical enough? Tyrann Mathieu?

Man, those guys better not read these tweets then. They’ll have a stroke.