Tyreek Hill Calls Out Jalen Ramsey After Getting Destroyed In Pro Bowl Games

Tyreek Hill

Getty Image / Bryan M. Bennett

The Pro Bowl Games received some mixed reviews. Some enjoyed the flag football game while others showed disinterest.

Regardless, Tyreek Hill got completely run over by Jalen Ramsey which led to the Miami Dolphins star receiver calling him out on social media.

Here is the hit that Hill is talking about. He takes a rather vicious hit after Davante Adams laterals the ball to him. Ramsey just lowers the shoulder and delivers the boom.

Hill was actually tweeting during the game while he was on the sidelines. First, he kind of pokes fun about getting demolished in a flag football game.

After that, Tyreek Hill decided to take a shot at Jalen Ramsey. He clearly remembers when the superstar cornerback called him a special teams Pro Bowler.

The Los Angeles Rams star cornerback made a comment about Tyreek Hill being a special teams pro bowler a while back. Since then, Hill has been on a tear in the NFL.

Although the flag football game was mainly just for fun, it sounds like Hill and Ramsey haven’t quite settled their differences.

Jalen Ramsey has yet to respond to Tyreek Hill. For now, it doesn’t look like he’s going to anytime soon.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins and Rams are not scheduled to play each other next season. So, if we want to watch these two battle it out, it’d have to be in next year’s Super Bowl.