New Report In Tyreek Hill Investigation Says WR’s Ex-Fiance Allegedly Lied About Him Breaking Son’s Arm

Investigators in the Tyreek Hill case allegedly determine his ex-girlfriend fabricated how son broke his arm.

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Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs has made headlines this offseason for all the wrong reasons, with most of it stemming from an alleged child abuse case that left his three-year-old son with a broken arm. Just a few days ago, all charges against Hill were dropped, but there are more details coming out about the investigation that are making things seem more like a reality TV show.

That’s because, according to WHB radio in Kansas City, Tyree Hill’s ex-fiance allegedly lied about him breaking their son’s arm, saying that she made it all up in an attempt to shame his abusive behavior. Here’s what the WHB exclusive report detailed.

Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill did not break his three-year-old son’s arm last January, and neither did his fiancée, Crystal Espinal. According to multiple sources close to the investigation, Hill and Espinal were cleared of any role in the broken bone injury almost immediately after the investigation began in March.

Investigators quickly agreed with the medical staff that the broken bone was the result of typical accident involving a rambunctious toddler, consistent with reaching out to brace for a fall.

The investigation into Hill and Espinal began weeks after the broken bone was first treated, when Espinal, according to sources, asked a third party to call authorities and tell them that Hill was responsible for the boy’s injury. Espinal has admitted she was trying to shame Hill because in her mind, he had become too controlling and abusive again in their long and stormy relationship.

Hill and Espinal are currently separated and neither has custody of the boy at this time.

According to an audio recording from KCTV 5 in Kansas City, Tyreek Hill can be heard saying that Espinal needed to “be terrified of him, too,” which probably gave her a good reason to call the police and report his behavior.

The recording also shows Crystal Espinal telling Tyreek Hill that she was “hurt and mad” at him, so she “blamed you for everything,” which had previously been reported. It was part of the main evidence behind Hill’s attorneys claiming to “categorically” deny that he ever punched his young son as a form of discipline, including a text exchange as proof.

Although the Tyreek Hill investigation was thrown out by the DA for lack of evidence, that doesn’t mean the Chiefs wide receiver is off the hook just yet. Currently being kept out of all football-related activities at the moment, the District Attorney still believes a crime did happen, with Hill as the main suspect after the NFL player admitted to spanking the three-year-old boy with his hands and with a belt. Prosecutors can’t determine which parent injured the son, but because of the threats heard on the tapes, Hill can still be disciplined by the state and the NFL for creating an abusive household — which is an extraordinary step for the government to try and take.

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