Tyronn Lue Reportedly Claimed That Dwyane Wade Was A Problem In The Cavs Locker Room

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rWhen Dwyane Wade arrived in Cleveland this season, not many guys in the locker room were popping champagne. As LeBron James said, “There was a couple guys with it. But it wasn’t a lot.” LBJ was “bothered,” but with Wade at 36 years old and his numbers resembling a solid role player, it’s no surprise guys weren’t rolling out the red carpet.

Wade, a 12-time NBA All-Star, averaged a modest 11 ppg with the Cavs, equaling less than half of his career totals. Add a diminished role this year with the ego of a two-time NBA champion with a meddling Cavs team, and you could potentially have a precarious situation on your hands.

Vince Grzegorek, Editor-in-Chief of Cleveland Scene, claims that is precisely what happened.

The Cavs can sell the Wade trade to Miami as a goodwill measure to get him home, and maybe that’s part of it, but heard twice today Lue felt Wade was biggest issue in the locker room.

It’s going to be interesting to see how LeBron James responds to these allegations about his banana-boat-buddy by his coach. James has perpetually undermined Lue in the past, so if the Cavs slip into another funk, LBJ may send Lue packing like he did David Blatt.

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