UFC Champ Fabricio Werdum Kicks A Reporter At The Gym, Kills Him On Contact

37-year-old Fabricio Werdum is the current Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World, and when you’re the champ everyone wants a piece of you. Fighters want to come at you in the ring, gold diggers want to throw themselves at you in the club, and media/reporters hound you for interviews. I know all of this because when I rest my eyes at night I too am the Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World, but when I open my eyes in the morning I’m one of those obnoxious media/reporter types who hound badasses for badass interviews. If you’re out there and reading this Mr. Werdum, I’ll happily swing by your residence next time I’m at the BroBible L.A. offices and we can film you kicking me in the check with the same force you used to lay out this reporter.

I’ve watched this clip no less than 10 times now, and every time it gets better. I HIGHLY SUGGEST you watch it with the sound up, because when he makes contact that slap + limp body of the reporter is complete perfection. It’s almost a shame to watch it in GIF, but you know I try and squeeze at least one GIF into everything I blog involving video, so here it is:

If someone were to ask me ‘Hey Cass, what’s the definition of #wrekt?’ I’m pretty sure that I’d just send them this video to watch, as this is exactly what I imagine when thinking about #wrekt.

Shout out to Natasha Paul at BSO for finding and sharing this video before the rest of us!