UFC’s Charles Radtke’s Gay Slur Rant At UFC 293 May Have Broken Aussie Laws


UFC’s Charles Radtke may have found himself in trouble with the law in Australia.

After beating Blood Diamond at UFC 293, Radtke used a gay slur while cursing out the Aussie crowd.

“F— all you f—-ts in the crowd, come down here and get some you p—y a– b—”

Apparently, it’s a criminal offense in New South Wales, Australia, to use aggressive homophobic language in public.

Homosexual vilification is against the law. It is a public act that could incite hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule towards people who are homosexual.

Public acts include:

communications that can be seen or heard by the public (this includes print, radio, video or online)
signs, flags or clothing that could be seen by the public
distributing and sharing information to the public.

Update: Radtke has issued an apology on social media.

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