UFC Fighter Shane Burgos Got A Haircut In The Middle Of Fight

by 1 year ago

Last night, Shane Burgos first fighter to receive a haircut during a fight in the UFC.

In the middle of his fight last night against Tiago Trator, Burgos’ hair bothered him so much that he told his cornerman cut it off in between rounds.

via MMAFighting.com

“I told my corner that if the fight goes past the first round and my hair is getting in my face to cut it [pony tail] off,” Burgos said afterward. “It wasn’t getting in my face the first round, but it started to in the second, so I told them to cut it off. It was pretty memorable, but it was planned beforehand. That was the first Octagon haircut, right? I think that’s worth a bonus, fight of the night maybe?”

Cutting of his hair didn’t affect his performance in the slightest as Burgos went on for an easy unanimous decision win.


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