Update: UFC Fighter Yoel Romero Goes On Anti-Gay Marriage Tirade After Win

Cuban fighter Yoel Romero won the biggest fight of his career beating Lyoto Machida on Saturday night. After the win, the so called “Soldier of God” went on an anti-gay marriage tirade in broken english, telling the crowd “Wake up USA, what happened to you, what’s going on with you, go for Jesus”

Yoel Romero beats Machida and then proceeds to scold the United States for believing that #LoveAlwaysWins. http://t.co/mBeAeoJF9a

— FOX Sports (@FOXSports) June 28, 2015

Unfortunately for Romero the last line of his speech sounded like he was saying “not for gay Jesus” when he was actually saying “don’t forget Jesus”.


During the postfight press conference Romero apologized for any misunderstanding and claimed he was not talking about gay marriage and that it wasn’t his position to judge anyone.



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