UFC Fighter And Army Vet Tim Kennedy Has A Message For ISIS After Being Threatened By The Terrorist Group

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UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy is a certified bad ass both inside and ouiside of the cage. Before his time in the UFC, Kennedy was a decorated US Army Special Forces sniper with multiple tours of duty in Iraq.

After the Paris attacks, Kennedy has been extremely vocal in calling out terrorist group ISIS on social media for their cowardly acts.

Dear ISIS/ISIL/Al Qaeda/Lone-Wolf/cowards Things are going to change. In the past few years you have become comfortable with how we have been fighting you. Perhaps you think we have gotten weak, or that we have lost our resolve and inclination towards violence. Here's the deal. We have had to operate within the limitations of things like DOD policy, rules of engagement, Geneva Convention, and the current administration's guidelines. The major mistake that you're making is thinking that these rules are going to apply if you bring the fight to us in the United States…. And now you have. You do ok fighting unarmed journalists, women, or children. Those that wish to do us harm need to understand that is not how things will be here. If you come here and try to hurt me or mine. Things are going to get ugly fast. This is the country that took Iwo Jima, stormed the beaches of Normandy, first to fly a plane, first to land on the moon. We will give zero shits about you or yours. There are more guns here than in the entire world combined. What should truly scare you is that the people that own, them believe in America, the ideals that we stand for, are willing to die for them, and would enjoy a fighting a bunch of pussies like you. Tim Kennedy Ps. I'm not hiding, I'm not afraid, and I'm not alone. Pc @Karlitareina

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Yesterday, Kennedy was notified by the FBI about credible threats made to him by ISIS and his response to those threats were absolutely bad ass.

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