The Undertaker Gave A Turkey The Tombstone Piledriver On ‘The Tonight Show’ And This Should Be A Holiday Tradition

by 3 years ago

In case you fell off early last night, The Undertaker showed up on The Tonight Show to tombstone piledrive.

Now, before you get too excited, it wasn’t an actual turkey. It’s not like The Phenom grabbed a 10-pound hunk of meat and flesh, tucked it between his legs, and drove the poor dead animal straight into the linoleum floor. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME. No, it was just a guy dressed up as a turkey. It was actually former WWE GM Brad Maddox who took the bump.

This should be a holiday tradition. Every Thanksgiving, The Undertaker should show up on the The Tonight Show and tombstone piledrive a guy in a turkey outfit. It should be a different, unsuspecting person each year. Like next year Jimmy convinces Bill Hader to come on in a turkey suit and BY GOD IS THAT THE UNDERTAKER’S MUSIC?!?!!? IT CAN’T BE!!! HE SENT THAT TURKEY STRAIGHT TO HELL!

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