After Going Undrafted, Eric Striker Gave A Motivating Speech That Will Make You Believe Anything Is Possible

As we’ve seen over the years, just because an NFL hopeful either gets chosen late in the draft or not al all, it doesn’t mean that his dreams of one day lacing it up in the league are over. Is it tougher? Yes. But is players work hard, stay motivated and positive and can get lucky, things can work out for them.

One of those players hoping for that opportunity is former Oklahoma Sooners linebacker Eric Striker, who went undrafted last week and is now hoping one of the 32 teams takes a chance on him. And after giving the emotional speech he did to his family after learning his fate last week, I totally believe he’ll catch a break.

It’s tearful, heartfelt, passionate and emotional, AKA,¬†everything one would want in a leader. So here’s to hoping Eric Striker gets a call to join an NFL team very soon.

[H/T FANchise]

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