Undrafted Titans Rookie “Retires” From NFL After Never Seeing A Single Snap To Join The Ministry

Remember when the neighborhood kids used to try and play an organized game of basketball but there would be an odd number of kids and the one kid who didn’t get picked would always say “Whatever, I’m going home, I didn’t even want to play anyway”? Morgan Burns is that kid.

Via Titan Insider:

“Undrafted cornerback Morgan Burns, who officially signed with the Tennessee Titans last week, is instead leaving the NFL to pursue a career in the ministry. The Titans placed Burns on their reserve/retired list Tuesday.

“Morgan Burns will be retiring from the NFL today to pursue a career in ministry,” agent Brandon Smart said. “He appreciates the opportunity the Titans gave him.”

Burns was a two-year starter at cornerback for the Kansas State Wildcats, and agreed to a deal with the Titans shortly after he went without being selected during draft weekend April 28-30. The Titans officially announced his signing on May 6. Burns was expected to compete for a roster spot as a potential kickoff returner and backup in the secondary.”

I give the kid credit for going into ministry, though I’m not entirely convinced that not he’s just saying that. What’s the best way to get people to not make fun of you for “retiring” even though you never were in the league in the first place? Say you’re doing something noble so everyone can say “Well, at least he’s doing something noble.” It’s foolproof. A+B=C. But Burns saying he’s retiring from the NFL is like Donald Trump boycotting an NAACP meeting. Neither of them were invited. You can’t dance unless someone brings you onto the dancefloor. Remember, no one liked that kid who would always run away after “not wanting to play anyway.” Everyone would laugh at him and piss in his lunchbox. “Go home kid, your mom’s a whore,” everyone would shout at me. I mean, at that kid that totally wasn’t me, because I always got picked first for sports. Regardless, take notes here, bros. Don’t be like Burns. Either put up or shut up. Don’t not put up and then start spewing some shit that no one cares about. By then you’ve already lost.