University Of Kansas Basketball Basketball Player Shows Off Lavish Dorm Reserved For The Team

University Of Kansas Forward Tours Dorm Where Basketball Players Live

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College athletes have traditionally been at the receiving end of plenty of preferential treatment on campus, and schools have a ton of motivation to figure out ways to go above and beyond in the hopes of luring in prospective players with attractive incentives and cushy accommodations.

“Glamorous” is typically the last word you’d use to describe your typical dorm, but that can’t be said for at least one building that houses students at the University of Kansas—specifically members of the Jayhawks men’s basketball team.

McCarthy Hall has served as the de facto HQ for members of that squad since it opened in 2015. Now, the school may not have had a ton of trouble attracting top recruits prior to that point, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a $12 million dorm with its own movie theater, basketball court, a barbershop that never closes, and apartments with single-occupancy rooms to sweeten the pot a bit.

It’s one thing to read about those amenities, but it’s another to actually get to take a look at them—which you can do courtesy of Dillon Wilhite, the walk-on who treated the internet to a virtual tour of the dorm on TikTok.

The rising sophomore kicked things off back in June when he walked around the various shared spaces all players have access to.

Wilhite followed that up with an inside look at the apartment where he resides, and, well, I don’t think many people who’ve gone to college will be able to relate.

The only real downside is that everyone knows where the team lives, which has resulted in at least one incident where an angry fan attempted to gain access to the building to try to teach players how to shoot free throws after a particularly rough showing in 2018.

With that said, I think the tradeoffs are more than worth it.