Urban Meyer’s Daughter Speaks Out On Her Father’s Lap Dance Video Scandal

Urban Meyer

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Urban Meyer is still dealing with the fallout from his viral video from over the weekend but his daughter wants everyone to know that the family is dealing with the situation just fine.

On Friday night Meyer was spotted getting frisky with a woman at his bar while his wife stayed at home babysitting their grandkids.

On Wednesday night, Urban’s daughter Gigi took to social media to address the controversy surrounding her father and says her family is ready to move on.

“We’ve all decided that we’re gonna move on, we’re moving on. Life is good, We are blessed, we have the most incredible family in the entire world.”

“We know my dad. and we know his character and he’s literally the most incredible person I know in my entire life and I still hold true to that truth.”

We’re just going to let the media do what it does, it is what is but we’re moving on.”

Meyer has not lost his job or the support of his family so it seems he may have survived this scandal.