Urban Meyer To Texas Rumors Hit New Level As Longhorns Fans Investigate His Drapes And Chair In Recent Video

urban meyer to texas horseshoe bay

Getty Image / Meg Oliphant

The college football season is winding down which means it’s time for Texas fans to voice their frustrations with head coach Tom Herman and speculate about who could take over the program. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

This time around Longhorns fans have truly outdone themselves.

Urban Meyer recently did a video hit with Joel Klatt on ‘CFB on FOX’ in which the two talked about Ohio State’s chances to make the College Football Playoff. It was a completely normal, no-frills type of video, but something caught the attention of Texas fans: the drapes behind him and the chair he was sitting in.

Some fans have opened a full-fledged investigation on the Inside Texas message boards as they think Meyer appeared on the video while at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, which is less than an hour drive from the University of Texas. Fans are legitimately looking through stock photos on the resort’s website trying to match their story up, it’s investigative journalism at its finest.

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure every other hotel you visit has the same drapes and chairs as the last one you stayed at, but hey, respect to the Longhorns fans putting in the hours here.

To add to the speculation Flight Aware shows that there is a flight scheduled for Thursday from Ohio State University’s airport to Horseshoe Bay. If you put the pieces together, the only person that could be on that flight is Meyer’s wife, Shelley, of course.

Meyer last coached in 2018 leading Ohio State to a 10-1 season capped off by a Rose Bowl win. He stepped down after the Rose Bowl following a lengthy investigation into the program earlier that season.

If Meyer does get back into the coaching game there are probably only a handful of programs he would accept a job at and there’s no denying that Texas would be one of them.